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Are you building the right thing?

You’ve spent plenty of energy getting to where you are and you’re not about to lose any part of it. False starts and software bugs can slowly kill your customers' enthusiasm, leaving them looking for alternatives. The last thing you want is to drive anyone to your competitors.

Why lose sleep worrying that your development effort is going to the wrong place.

If you had a partner ready to give you advice about what to build and what not to build, you’d spend more time growing the right parts of your business. You’d be able to know where to cut and what to extend so your goals and profits can take center stage.

I’m Jim Gay and I’d love to help you find ways to effectively grow your profits. I’m so serious that I’m writing a book designed to keep developers on the right track: keeping software focused on business value. I’ve helped businesses like yours get focused and moving forward.

Let’s talk about what you can do right now to shine a spotlight on your business. Call me at 571-403-0338.

AGDA Saturn Flyer is the winner of 4 American Graphic Design Awards.

Our Customers

We’ve served many happy customers with design, development, and strategy. Here’s a quick list of some recent clients:

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